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Shakeys' V League

NU Community Toasts Lady Bulldogs In A Weekend Of Blazing Athletic Glory


That Monday immediately following National University’s three-peat domination of the 78th UAAP Cheer Dance Competition on Saturday and the Lady Bulldogs’ title victory the next day in the Shakey’s V-League Season 12-Collegiate Conference, the whole community surrounding the Bustillos educational institution woke up still hung over from the sporting glory of the weekend just past and raring to go out and share their overflowing pride and still undiminished excitement with one another.

The early risers in the vicinity — the tricycle drivers, the fish ball vendors whose No. 1 suki is Shakey’s V-League finals MVP Myla Pablo, and the market people — talked animatedly about the twin victories of the young sportsmen of the school they have come to adopt as family. As they could not understand the intricacies of cheer dancing, much less its scoring system, they babbled more on the do-or-die showdown between the Lady Bulldogs and the Lady Blue Eagles of Ateneo.

Then as the heroes and heroines started picking up their way to school on foot, the newly-crowned V-League champions emerging from their impressive, high-rise athletes’ dormitory, the early customers as well as owners of the eateries lining both sides of the streets and the ambulant food vendors and tricycle drivers shouted out their effusive congratulations.

Into the bosom of the university known far and wide for its topnotchers over the years in the architectural board, the security guards by the steel gates, the students, teachers and the school administrators lavished more congratulatory words and praises on them.

This celebratory mood in and around NU would stay the whole day that Monday; according to several people the Shakey’s V-League website had interviewed. “It was a heart-felt display of community spirit; everyone was rooting for our athletes,” said Ms Clara Manzano, a psychologist and the school’s athletic academic coordinator. “It touched me to personally hear even from the people in the market a week before that momentous weekend that they were praying for our athletes’ success. Everyone was.”